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Performing at FoDSFest in St. John'sTown of Dalry.

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Holistic Animal Healing & Communication

Healing is what I do and love. It is who I am and a way of life. I have gained much experience in holistic healing both for people and animals and have had wonderful success stories to my greatest delight. Being an holistic healer can be very hard emotionally especially if you are a highly sensitive person like myself and also, transitioning in to the next journey in Spirit is an important part we must learn and accept to truly help an animal who's time has come for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge, to take the ship across in to Summerland. It really is not easy but the healing I do offers comfort and reassurance when such a time does arrive. My connection to animals is very strong, on a very spiritual level and so it s that the way I work is indeed of a spiritual nature. This may not appeal to others but it is that spiritual connection, that unity and collective energy that allows intuitive communication and a sense of trust and love between myself and the animal's whom I help.

Every animal is different. There is no label or manual to go by. One animal may take onger to open up and trust due to past experiences or current traumatic events they may be facing. Every animal may have or have had diferent relationships or interactions with their guardians, whether they are workings dogs or family companions. I work by allowing all who are involved with the animal's life to be  part of the healing process. So there are two major elements here which determine the healing direction the animal may take.

1. how much the guardians are willing to do and change to create fuller well-being for the animal
2. The Free Will of the animal - when it comes down to it, it is entirely up to the animal whether he/she is ready to take steps to healing

Alongsdie my many years of healing for animals since 2002 , I also added to my knowledge gaining a Distinction in Holistic Animal Healing and I will not cease to continue to learn further.

I work with all animals, domestic and wild but am not a qualified vet so do not diagnose or offer medical treatment. The healing I do is wonderful in conjunction but never a replacement.

I particularly have a love of dogs, rabbits and horses and although I am not an experienced horse rider, it is something I am developing to assist in the healing work I do.

Healing is available in the Dumfries and Galloway area but I do also offer distant animal healing and communication.

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A Short Ghost Story


It was the Eve of Samhain. Autumn leaves descended in the darkness to lay upon the bleak swimming pool. A crow cawed. The sound of bubbles floating to the surface was the only other sound that pierced the stillness of this night. I often take a stroll down to Lanhydrock swimming pool. For some reason I am always drawn to that place despite the sad and mournful feeling which lingers there. The swimming pool has long been unused and the weather has decayed how it once may have looked in the 1800’s when it was first built for the estate owner at the time. But I am not here to write about the history of Lanhydrock, there is a much more pressing matter that links both the past and the present and is a dark secret enveloped around the House of Lanhydrock Would I be right to unveil the long lasting secret which has become stagnant like the mournful pool I often visit? 

It was the Eve of Samhain and I decided to take a night’s walk down to the swimming pool only minutes from my home. The night was crisp and cold and the stars shone brightly. I walked along the woodland pathway, the autumn leaves crunching beneath my wellie boots. I could see my breath in front of me which was illuminated by the Moon shining through the decaying leaves on the branches. There was no wind. Only an owl broke the stillness of the night. I continued to crunch along the path until I reached the swimming pool. I have walked this path many times, so know every fallen branch and every slippery step, but I was thankful for the Moon lighting my way. 

I sat on the steps which led in to the pool and breathed in the cold air. The pool was glinting in the light, so still yet you could almost taste the sadness which rises up from the stagnant pool and reaches out to the looming trees all around. Sycamore and oak leaves where gently floating in the water. I watched them floating creating mesmerising patterns. All of a sudden I felt eyes watching me so gazed up to see a crow perched on the rusty handle at the other end of the pool. He was looking straight at my, cawed and tilted his head. A shiver travelled down every nerve in my spine. Another weird thing at this place is the presence of two water lilies floating in the stagnant pool. The water lilies were always in bloom, no matter what time of the year. But on this night, there was no blossom, only a decayed resembles of what these two flowers usually appeared like. I frowned, puzzled. Puzzled in oh so many ways. Water lilies should not be blooming all year round and why on this night it is the only time that they do not. I became mesmerised by these two decayed plants and the leaves creating patterns around them. Minutes passed by until it was then that I learned of the truth about the sadness and mournful feelings which constantly dwelled here. Images raided my mind. A long lost story unravelled…but I shall write the long version.

And it begins in 1935 with Lidia rushing past the scullery, grabbing a freshly baked scone and tearing her dress at the corner of the work table. She fluttered her hand upward, shrugged and stuffed the scone in her mouth as she ran out the door. As she opened the door, a gush of wind blew in autumn leaves. The maids working on the laundry turned round, shook their heads, then smiled. Lidia giggled then continued down the cobbled pathway. She was not a lone child, she just did not like playing with dolls just like her two younger sisters liked to do. In fact, she never did like dolls but her father always came home with elegant gifts from such places as London and even Paris and Rome! She saw very little of her father as he had often political matters to tend to. This upset her, especially since he believed adorning his children with beautiful dresses and trinkets would make up for it. She snorted at the thought of such things; she preferred to climb trees and explore the woodlands on the estate. As she ran in to the main courtyard, she saw a carriage pull up through the gatehouse. She waved to her father but he either had more pressing matters to attend to or did not even recognise her. A tear started to fill up in her eyes and trickled down her cheeks. She hiccupped and sniffled, trying to hold back her tears. She straightened up and skipped down the ornamental garden, through an iron gate and was out of the tall, walled garden. 

She paused for a moment and wrinkled her nose contemplating what she would do this evening. Being the eve of Samhain, the days where growing dark so she had very little light left. She took this in to account. She loved the Supernatural, the mystical and her imagination often wandered it to elaborate tales of demons, ghosts and other unruly creatures that lurked in the shadows. She shivered with excitement. She thought she heard a voice. She cleared her mind of these fanciful tales and listened. Was it only the wind rustling through the trees which played tricks on her mind? But there was a voice. The call of a boy. The call was filled with a great void of sadness and loneliness. She turned her head to the right, then to the left. It was a haunting call and it lured her nearer, pulling her feet, unwillingly as the shuffled along the path of autumn leaves swirling in the air around her. She moved slowly, her legs heavy but being yanked forward. Her mind was swirling with lost and forgotten memories, of a tradgey and a betrayed, the voice ever calling in her mind. It became gentler, softer and vulnerable. This boy was lost in the darkness. She could feel him, all his pain, his fear, his emptiness. He was alone, so very alone. Twilight had crept around her. A starless sky but with the Moon Full, staring down from high in the sky tugging away at emotions and waters alike. She stopped at the age of the swimming pool, the looming trees casting dancing shadows in the Moonlit pool as the branches creaked with the wind. The voice in her head stopped and she was now fully aware of everything around her. She gasped to see her shoes curled round the edge of the pool, clinging to the cool, dead, concrete. And it was then that the boy appeared before her, a broad smile stretched across his ghostly white face, creasing dimples below his cheeks. He held out his hand and said softly with excitement, my name is Will, come play with me. She reached out her hand and felt his dank, cold, touch. And together they submerged in to the waters of Lanhydrock swimming pool. Gasps could be heard, but only for a moment. Silence fell upon Lanhydrock and a crow cawed and flew off in to the trees taking away with it all the secrets of this night of the eve of Samhain and leaving behind a feather which floated gently and so sweetly down on to the surface of the tiny bubbles floating to the surface. That following morning, just at the slight light of dawn, two water lilies bloomed, floating together upon the surface of the pool. 

And there was forever mournful energies wrapped around that pool as the family of Lanhydrock house walked down to that pool everyday and placed flowers on the edge of the pool. But no one mourned the death of Will. A mother in Bodmin town clung on to dear hope that her sweet Will would walk through the door. So the secret of Will was lost once again as Lidia took it to the depths of Lanhydrock pool and across the veil… 

Until now, when the secret emerged from the darkness and such darkness it was. For Lidia’s father knew of the boy’s death but buried him in a remote area of the estate, to avoid ruining his political standing. The only other person who knew was the estate forester who had found his body floating in the bleak water but he too did not say a word and watched the lies and betrayal that began to plague Lanhydrock.

The Library

Me and My Shadow

You are walking along a cobbled street, all is dark except for one street lamp which lights your way. It is so quiet. Eerily so. You feel uncomfortable and scared. But you do not know why. You continue to walk along the street...nothing around you seems to change. It seems you pass the same street lamp...over and over again as you continue to walk. You know something is wrong. You feel it in your heart. Do you want to find out? Be careful of your decision and what you are asking - are you ready to deal with the truth? Are you prepared to face your shadow? That shadow which always lurks beside you or even within you. If you choose to find the answer, a tall rounded wooden door looms before you. Iron handles are bolting the door shut. Open it - if you are truly ready, the door will open. You are about to step through the threshold, but someone stops you. Who is it? This is your Faery Guide, he/she is guiding you on your journey to meet your shadow. Is the faery of the light or of the dark? Does your Faery Guide resemble a hidden aspect of yourself? Does he/she have a message for you? Take your time to receive any messages now. Once you are ready, your Faery guide lights a candle in a lantern and leads you on down a stone passageway. It is dark, only the small light of the flickering candle allows you to see what lurks in the shadows. The passageway twists and turns - where does it go? Does it begin to descend? Or does it travel upwards? Take your time as you continue on your journey through the dark passageways. Be aware of everything you see and feel as you will be faced with your shadow... Once your journey has come to an end, your Faery Guide leads you back and out through the rounded wooden door. As you walk out of the maze of passageways in to the fresh air, the sun is beginning to rise to the east. You walk along the cobbled street once more feeling a great sense of inner knowledge and with a confident stride...until you find yourself gradually coming back to this time and place. Always ground and centre properly and write down your experiences.

Samhain Meditation

Begin your journey by focusing your mind beyond your own mind and beyond this world...until you find yourself walking along a marshy shoreline. Reeds are swaying in the wind and you hear the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore. You hear frogs and bats whizzing across the surface of the water. It is such a magickal place - a place between this world and the land of the Fae. A soft mist is closing around the marshes and it glints in the moonlight. As the mist begins to close all around you more and more and more, you begin to see things moving within it. Look closer. What is it that you see? Is there a tale to be told within these mists? is it a tale of the past, showing where you have come from, the path which s now behind you. Is there a message in this tale? Have you to leave something behind before you can go further? Or is it a tale of the present or of something new which you should take with you beyond the veil and in to the land of the Fae? Once your tale has been unravelled within this magickal place, a gap in the mist appears before your eyes. You see two gatekeepers guarding the portal to the Faery Realm. They are two tall dogs, enveloped in a brilliant light and around their necks is the symbol of the Faery Star. They both stand up and look at you with intensity and a questioning look. State your purpose to enter the world of the Fae. Give the gatekeepers a moment to address your request and respect their honourable position. If they accept your entry, they both stand aside and bow their heads inviting you to walk through. Do this now... You are now in their sacred land. It is dark and the Moon is waning high in the sky amidst thousands of glittering stars. You see that you are in an apple tree grove, five trees are standing around you. beside you is a stone altar. You see a beautifully carved wooden bowl and a chalice of water which shimmers in the light of the waning moon. Kneel down beside the altar and look up to the stars asking them to grant you clarity, insight and intuition on this night. Now pick up the chalice of water and pour in to the bowl. You clear your mind of what has happened in the past, of preconceived ideas of the future. Allow only the vision of the stars to hold within your mind. Peer in to the water...what do you see? Take your time to receive your message. There is no hurry. Once the image in the water has dissipated, look to the stars once more and thank them for assisting you on this night. You stand up and look around the five apple trees. Are you drawn to a certain one? If so, begin to move to it. As you jsut about to reach the tree, an Elemental appears from the shadow behind the tree and greets you. Who is she/he? Which elemental has come to you this night? Does he/she have a name? The Fae love conversations, so spend time talking to your Elemental Faery. She/he wishes to be your magickal assistance as you journey on your path with the Sacred Mists. What is it that the Faery wishes to assist you with? He/she will be helping yo with your hidden talent or a talent which you should use more on your path. Your Faery invites you to take a walk. You both begin to walk away from the apple tree grove...where is it that your Faery takes you? What is it that you talk about. The Fae are happy to pass down their wisdom and knowledge if they know you can be trusted and are pure of heart. You enjoy this time with your Elemental Faery. Once it is time to go, your faery says to you that you can call on her/him any time, that you are now bonded as you journey on your magickal path and he/she will help you. When you both reach the centre of the grove once more, the Faery hands you a gift. What is it that you have been gifted with from the Faeries? What does it mean? Say thank you and Merry Part as you walk through the portal, the gatekeepers bow their heads once ore and you are standing on the shores of the marshes once more. You may wish to stay there for a while, pondering all that you have experienced and taking the time to ground in to the earthy, wet sandy soil of the marsh. Once you are ready too return to your own world, close your eyes and focus your mind to see yourself sitting in your own room. Be sure to ground yourself properly and centre.

September's Meditation

Find yourself in an open field with golden hay bales. The sky is blue and the air is slightly cool with a fresh breeze blowing your hair. You walk toward a giant oak tree in the centre of the field. The tree is calling to you through the whispers of the wind. Once you reach the tree, sit against the trunk and lay your head back, looking up at the swaying branches. Time passes without a care as you drift in to the now; the only time there is. You are so at peace and connected to the Earth and Sky. Nothing is distracting you. All tension and stress of the active summer leave s you. You notice acorns appearing in the branches above; you are mesmerized by them; time drifts on by as the Sun starts to set, yet there is no Moon for she lies at rest and peace. Instead the sky is speckled with dazzling Stars forming ancient constellations. The Stars are all your inspirations and aspirations and they illuminate the acorns in the wondrous Oak tree you are leaning against. You watch the acorns growing and sparkling from the light of the Stars…until the Sun begins to rise in the East casting a warm golden glow across the harvested hay field. It is a new dawn and the Moon is beginning to wax again…change is shifting in the tides and land around you. All of a sudden an acorn falls right in front of you a gentle frost sparkling from the rising sun. Pick it up. Examine it in detail. What do you see? Connect with this little acorn; listen for any messages for this is a sacred acorn holding the aspirations and inspirations you should take with you through the transition from Summer to Autumn…this is your harvest. Say thank you to the Great Oak tree for his gift and to the Great Mother Goddess before you make your way back in to this time and place. Always remember to ground yourself properly.

A Mabon Meditation

A Mabon Meditation Find yourself walking down a beautiful woodland path. The woodland is filled with tall beech trees and the gentle breeze causes leaves of gold, red, brown and yellow to cascade all around you and you kick up the crisp, carpet of leaves on the path. You breathe in the chilly air and smile. as you meander down the old woodland path, the trees seem to create a smaller and smaller archway enticing you deeper and deeper in to the woods. You become lost in time as you travel deep through the archway of beech trees. Above the treetops the Moon begins to rise high in the sky as nightfall looms outside this enchanting pathway. As you travel down the path, you look deep within yourself. What is it you are searching for? Suddenly the trees begin to open up in to a clearing and the Moon is illuminating a cottage. You see smoke rising from the chimney and a warm glow inside the windows. You realise that you are tired from your long travel; from the past summer months. Maybe you will find answers inside? As you walk up to the door, you notice a crow perched on top of a pile of fire wood.He caws pleasantly. You tap on the door. A moment later, the door opens with a creak and a lady stands before you. How old is she? Who is she? You take in everything about this lady as she smiles at you warmly. She welcomes you in and guides you to sit by the fire. The smell of soup and cookies fill the air. She is inviting you to join her for your Mabon feast and tells you there are others coming, giving you that warm smile. But first she pulls up a chair beside you and shuffles a pack of tarot cards. What type of cards are they? She invites you to pick one. Do this now. What card did you pick? What is the message for you? The lady is guiding you and telling you that this card is the foundation you must build on throughout autumn and be prepared for the coming of winter, Thank the lady and be sure to remember the message of your card. Then there is a knock on the door. The lady smiles and welcomes the visitor. Who is it? Is there more than one person? These people are important in your life, may have guidance for you, or maybe an insight in to who you truly are. While everyone is being acquainted, the lady brings out an immense feast and lays it out on the table. What abundance lies before you? What has been harvested? You are given a goblet of beautiful elderberry wine. The taste is mouthwatering and sensational. There is much eating and talking and you take in this wonderful gathering . You are completely relaxed, and your heart is filled with such warmth and love. When it is time to leave, the lady wishes to give you one last gift. You accept it graciously. What have you been gifted? This will be completely unique to you and show the fruits of all your past efforts. You smile warmly to her and walk out in to the morning autumn air, You journey back along the pathway taking with you all the memories, gifts, warmth and love. Once you are the place you started off on your journey, find yourself back in to this time and place. Be sure to ground yourself properly and write down all your experiences.

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Living Mindfully

Reiki is a way of life. It is mindfulness. It is everywhere. It is within you. 
it is love and compassion. It is of the Divine.

"The secret art of inviting happiness 
The miraculous medicine of all diseases 
Just for today, do not anger 
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude 
Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.
Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer. 
Pray these words to your heart 
and chant these words with your mouth
Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind"

The founder 
Usui Mikao

The Reiki Principles are a set of ideals to help one to achieve fulfilment, wholeness and inner wisdom and spirituality and are not solely for those practicing Reiki. I believe that these principles should be shared with everyone, to help spread inner peace, understanding and a higher spiritual awareness. These words are not bound by one religion or any specific belief and acting upon these simple daily practices will awaken a deeper connection to others, to animals and plants and to the great Divine, your own Divinity and the Divinity within others and Universal Laws and forces. There is no judgement. Rather it sums up that you are solely responsible for yourself and for the consequences in your life. By practicing positive and mindfulness in your daily life, healing of yourself will take place within yourself and you will find that positive energies will always  surround you and in turn influence others.

So do not take this as mere words set up for the practice of Reiki healing, instead, take it as an important spiritual ethic and tool to your own enlightenment. It will not only improve your own life but your intuition and connection to the Divine energy and thereby improving your healing abilities and channelled healing for others.

I would like to point out, which is missing from the traditional Reiki Ideals, that this code of ethics and daily practice encompasses all living being, from plants, animals and the earth herself. We are all interwoven and made up of the Universal energy. We are already seeing the consequences of disrupting this complex and wondrous web of life and interweaving pathways of energies as we continue to pollute the seas, oceans and rivers and the land of which we grow crops on and feed to livestock. Toxic waste and energy is clogging the earth and the atmosphere and now even the solar system, or we could even call it the heavens, is cluttered with debris.  We clear forests to grow crops to help feed the ever growing population and in turn animals are losing their habitats and sold in the illegal wildlife trade. We have created a chaotic and tumultuous world because we are not mindful of our own health and the health of this beautiful planet we live upon.

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My Certificates


Professional BSY Holistic Animal Healing Diploma 
Reiki Master Certificate in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition
Uisui Reiki Master Lineage
Dolphin Reiki Certificate
Advanced Magickal Herbalism
Scottish School of Herbal Medicine Correspondence Course
INHA Registered Healer
INHA Accreditation Certificate
Fairy Lightworker
Angel Lightworker
Certificate of Insurance
Lightworkers Crystal Therapy Certificate
The Universal Light School
The Universal Light Minister
Sacred Mists First Degree
Unicorn Energy Healing System Certificate
2012 Pleiadian White Light Connections
Pleiadian DNA Clearing and Activation
Elemental Earth Star Empowerment
Crystal Skull Sctivation
Dragon Lightworker Trilogy
Faery Tree Spirit Energies
Faery Reiki Avalon
The Faery Flora Energies
Atlantian Crystal Activation
Lemurian Indigo Connections
Animal Path Healing
Solar Goddess Radiance
Magickal Lightwork
Celestial Encodings
Lemurian Facilitator
Negative Entities Clearing Reiki System
Avalonian Alignment
Magickal Crystal Lightker

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Feeling Lost, Alone and Homesick

This is an old journal entry I have written about three years ago now, and a lot has transpired, a lot has shifted and many other thing have been unfolding about the difficulties and struggles I face being an Indigo. I also find myself recalling moments as a child and teenager, times when I was in fact angry, completely lost and suicidal, struggling with the logical way of studying, being overwhelmed with noise, panicked when being overwhelmed with too much going on without a creative explanation and somehow figuring out maths but not truly knowing how I got there. My twenties I seemed to struggle with rules more and more and it seems now I react even worse than I did before when told what to do, to the point that I want to scream out so loud for it aggravates me so so much. At this point, in my thirties, I am finding it more than ever, vital that I truly begin to live my life without these low and despairing moments which set me back from my purpose and of course, affect those around me; my partner, animal companions, family and friends who are often directly affected by me. But by sharing my thoughts as best I can, they too can understand me so that I can remain balanced and true to my self. But this blog entry also has a positive high for I have found the answers I have been seeking, to live my life which nurtures my purpose and nourishes my Soul and ultimately, do not feel alone. Indeed I still feel like an Alien but I have at long last, found a place that I can call home, a place where I almost fit in, just as I am. 

But  that will be for another blog entry. For now, here is the old one...

Feeling Lost, Alone and Homesick 

An insight in to my childhood and how, looking back, I found it difficult being an Indigo Child. The understanding, the signs and the path forward... 

 I thought i would begin with my childhood, though I am not quite sure how to begin. i guess it would begin at birth. I was not a healthy baby, life sine birth was a struggle. Illness took me right from the beginning though growing up with a tough father, I found the strength and health issues, were not so much of an issue. I remember at a young age, before reaching primary 7, that I was so sure of myself. I had an inner confidence and I did not find it difficult to speak my mind to children in my school and often, I found I guided them on some unknown level. I was very rebellious also and did not like rules whatsoever. In fact, if was not brought up in a stricter environment, I probably would have been more unruly. Freedom at a young age was important to me - freedom to be connected to nature and freedom to express myself creatively. I was fairly intelligent in school, but as the years past, I got more easily distracted and had no care for such learning. Despite a fairly good upbringing, I felt lost, lonely and trapped. I had dreams of the walls closing in around me and lots of quick voices and sometimes, trying to swim but not getting anywhere. I also remember sitting in my room crying for no reason and I especially cried at music. My father was a rather controlling man. Although my sisters and I had a lot of freedom going on our adventures by ourselves for the whole day to wonderful places, he did not give me the freedom that I really needed. the freedom to express myself, the freedom to have spiritual beliefs and an eagerness to understand the world around me, both people and nature on a deeper level. At a young age I felt this but was not allowed to develop it. I recall having a discussion with my dad about reincarnation and that the body possesses a Soul. He said there is no such thing - we die and decay in to the Earth bringing nutrients back in to the earth. That is all very well, but I knew there was much more. I was brought up to make fun of other people's beliefs, making fun of Christians and the Indian family who moved nearby. I did not like this whatsoever! In ways, I wanted to please my father, but in truth, I was more scared to defy him. Indigo's are also very sensitive to unhealthy foods and I grew up having a huge amount of red meat, even being so young! As I reached about 12, I did not like this. I was also experiencing aches in my joints - people said it was growing pains but neither of my sisters had such aches. At the age of 13, it just got too much for me. I felt controlled, lost and in desperate need of a spiritual connection, so I became anorexic to be in control of my own life. Also as you can imagine, feelings of self-worth were welling up inside of me for many years. I was always quite a different child - I loved nature and being creative and I never did follow a crowd. I was completely individual and as you can imagine as children get older, they no longer understand this so friends left me and instead I got bullied. Self-worth was completely non-existence. I was fortunate to have such a supportive mum, though how she coped, I do not know. I managed to beat anorexia but it was only completely cured when I embraced my spiritual path. My father tried to force me to eat so I began to hate him more and more. I know hate is a strong word but at that time I did. He controlled me and I knew I had a greater purpose. At the age of 14, I was still in the same situation though with an even stronger desire to find answers and my purpose. I became seriously ill with a long-term disease. My body could not cope with the toxins and my spirit cold not cope with the feelings of being controlled. Things started to change. My mum left my dad and for the first time, I was able to express myself freely. I sought natural healing for my health, I became interested in all different magickal and religious beliefs. I remember, always skipping high school and spending it walking the family dog or doing my own studies at home. i was blessed to have the excuse of my illness! This was a period of real understanding and Soul searching which I lost along the road of my childhood. Of course, teenage years still had their trials and tribulations - I had no friends, I felt so alone, though I was so lucky to have my sisters. I only felt at home with my animals, in nature and being creative. However, I was never inclined to follow the crowd and always stood by ho I was, my beliefs, morals and ethics. University was tough having low self-confidence though I believe I met those who helped me. Studying Zoology, I had a deep desire to help animals and much of my life's path had this in mind. But all throughout university, I began to study Wicca and Reiki. Of course, illness always took me, so had to leave university which gave me to time to reconnect again to nature, I studied herbalism from home and this was probably one of the times when i felt most connected and not alone. Being stubborn and determined to help animals, I continued ion to different Universities, each time I became ill but also I always met those ho guided me on a different path - a more Spiritual path - these people were not from University though.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

More About Me

My interest of alternative healing Therapies began when I was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 14. I felt there was ways I could help myself and I found comfort and healing from nature. My life has always been and still is founded on a connection to nature and the magick that dwells there. My spiritual and healing path searched new avenues at the age of 18 when I was initiated in 1st Level Reiki back in 2002 and worked was drawn to Shamanic teachings also. I continued my practice and learning and finished my Reiki Master Teacher with Ankha-Ra, Krysalis Training in 2004. I am still to this day learning what Reiki offers and have developed a great understanding of the subtle energies and metaphysics. It also traveled in to a love of Buddhism, Yoga and Wicca but as I continued and developed, I only learned that my true home was within nature alongside the Fae and the simple connection to the Great Spirit, the Divine, 

It was only until 2010 that I decided to truly embark on the healing teaching path and open up my own centre. Years before have been filled with ups and downs regarding my traits as an Indigo, health and also my passion for wildlife conservation and environmental issues led me to study related degrees. However, back in 2007 I co-founded the Kucinski Wildliffe Foundation with my sister. More recently, I am beginning to establish I grassroots community called Community of Earth Guardians. The natural world is important and I would love to share the importance of its protection and the endless possibilities of it's healing powers. I am also a qualified Faery Lightworker and continue my work and healing with the Fae which I incorporate in my healing therapies and teachings. The Fae are such wondrous and complex beings and working with them is truly magickal. I have been fortunate to have been open to the Fae and have them help me and surround me even before. I hope to share that here. 

Although I strongly believe in the powers of spiritual healing having experienced it first hand, it is not a replacement for any treatments you may be under going for any ailments. I strongly advocate incorporating a healthy diet in to your lifestyle - poor eating and lifestyle are the main source of many health complaints. Holistic healing is complimentary to modern medicine but it is also primarily a preventative, allowing you to live in balance, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have often been told that I give too much of myself to others without anything in return which is probably true. That is why I find it difficult to embark on such a venture for financial means. I have always wanted to be there for others and assist them in whatever way I can. This has always come from a place of the heart and always will. Although there are costs incurred in my healing sessions and courses, they are not fixed as I want to reach out to those who need it the most and I know finances can be a great issue. I will always be there to help my students and I am also aware that teachers learn from students. In fact, we never do stop becoming students while on the spiritual path. 

 I am a Member of and registered with the International Natural Healers Association which provides guidelines of membership and a code of ethics which means I am a certified and experienced practitioner. I am also an ordained Minister of the Universal Light Church. This ordination is to their non-denominational Healing Ministry. I am also a member of and accredited with the IPTI. 

 About Dana & Animal Healing 

I would like to share more about myself regarding animals and healing. Animals have played an important part in my life ever since a child. I could not see my life any other way. Animals both wild and domestic are of great importance to me and I hold much respect and adoration to my Animal friends. They have brought so much healing in to my life emotionally, physically and spiritually. As a child growing up was particularly hard for me, I always felt alone even though I had wonderful sisters and parents I was close to. In ways I always felt trapped unless I was in nature exploring, drawing or with the family dog. I noticed the joy nature brought to me and I was endlessly inquisitive about the wild animals both local and in distant exotic places. As a child this seemed to be okay for fellow kids at school but as soon as the teens hit, life became even more lonely and difficult for me (like most teenagers really). I never did follow the crowd and thus. I spent most of my teenage years alone or with my sister. But in truth, I was never alone as I had the family dog, Tal, at the time. I remember skipping school having the great excuse of my illness, and spending it with Tal up the moors. This is the time when I found healing and inner strength. 

It was Tal and the Animal Spirits around me which brought me comfort, healing and strength. Many people are unaware that animals are spiritual beings like ourselves, just as Plants and Minerals are. We have become so disconnected with our own Spiritual essence never mind those of the Animals who may live in our homes which humans call as pets. I do not like to refer to my dogs and cat as pets - they are companions and by calling them pets does them great injustice and dims their own Spiritual essence. I owe so much to Animals and I will do all I can to use the knowledge and abilities I have as a healer to help release all the negativity which they have picked up from us humans. I have had my own losses and it is one of the most horrendous things to experience. I will continue to grieve for the animals I have lost in my life. But like everything, transitions must be made but we must ensure that transition only occurs when it is supposed to and that Animals live a very healthy life with a vibrant Spirit. 

It pains me to notice that more and more animals, dogs in particular, end up with tumours and die at a young age. There is so much research and money put in to curing cancer in people and it seems to me that not much is truly done for our Animals. But like cancer in humans, it does not need a cure - it needs to be prevented as it is a needless dis-ease we humans have created from stress, toxins in the planet and poor diet. Please take a leisurely wander around my site. It is continually being updated with special offers, new courses, meditations, articles and as I grow personally along my own path. I am continually learning and growing continuing my studies in new areas and developing more in familiar areas. 

I do not like to label myself with titles but I also want to make you aware of my own personal growth and experience. My empathy, sensitivity and unconditional love are the most important gifts I have and that is what Chanting Willows is founded on. 

Holistic Therapist 
Usui Reiki Master Teacher 
Dolphin Reiki Practitioner 
Lightworker & Indigo 
Ordained Healing Minister 
Animal Healer & Communicator 
Magical Herbalist 
Crystal Therapist 
Unicorn, Dragon & Angel Lightworker 
Psychic Reader & Medium 

 Student of Herbal Medicine, Holistic Animal Healing, Equine Energy Therapy, Rabbit Care, Animal Assisted Therapy, Flower Psychometry, Yoga, Margaret Morris Movement & Indian Head Massage 

Monday, 8 February 2016

Life Without Plastic Tweet

Friday, 29 January 2016

Snowdrops, Bees and Willows

January at Dumfries and Galloway has certainly been bleak, to say the least. Many wild storms have hit and flooding continually returns. It is hard to be filled with inspiration as the gloom envelopes around me and seeps in to my soul. The little snowdrops have peered up from the warmth of the soil which tease at the hope of spring. I don't think they know either what they should be doing? Is it winter? No. it's spring! Hang on, it feels like Dumfries and Galloway's mild wet summer! My little rabbits are definitely not so pleased with the weather and my dogs and I are just always wet. I believe there is not a moment in the day where we are actually fully dry.

I have been working on many projects and studies including collaberation work with  my sister Bumble Bee Artzzz. I am working on creating magicakl herbals to coincide with her art. We have been working on our first product relating to the wondrous energy of the fallow deer. I am delighted to say that I have made the first steps in my magickal herbal process for this and Bee is working on adding my bluebell pressed flowers to her beautiful art.

Please join my sister and I in our new Fcebook page Bees Amongst the Willows.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Messages from the Fae

The Faery Folk wish to bring the everlasting energy of what the festival of Beltane offers. The warmth, the joy, growth and the blossoms of creativity and love. They wish for humankind to flourish with happy relationships built on love which they see has been neglected in this chaotic and materialistic world where people are in fact like Islands isolated by living in their internal personal worlds, the lack of loving energy forces where communication and community seems negligent despite the advancement in technology. The Faeries want to teach you to celebrate life and share it with one another ~ it is quite simple, they are telling you to share the energies of joy and help this energy to circlulate around the world!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Distant Healing Requests

This is a Free Service

To request healing please email me at with "Healing Requests" in the subject box and state the following details in the email:

You rname
The person or animals name
The type of animal if applicable
Their location
Details of healing needed

(You can request healing for as many individuals as you wish)

I have a Unicorn Healing & Prayer Box which I have set aside especially for this. It is one of my favourite possessions and tools for distant healing charged with the beautiful energies of the Unicorns whom I work so closely with during healing work. When I receive your healing requests I will write them down in special note slips which I will then place in the box and the healing energies will be sent. Please email to let me know when the healing is no longer needed.

Faery Blessings,

Willow l'Fae



Thursday, 2 July 2015

Spread Your Light

See the beauty within yourself and everyone you meet and inspire others to see their beauty and grace. Allow that loving light to touch every person, tree, plant and animal...

Yukon's Gallery